Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

With wedding season in full swing (at least it is on my Facebook newsfeed), I wanted to tell all you brides out there about a really cute idea. My sister recently got engaged and wanted to formally ask her besties to be her bridesmaids. She wanted to do something cute and creative, so we came up with these bridesmaid jars.

Bridesmaid Jars

The end result was beautiful!

Keep reading to find out how you can make them for your bridesmaids!

Here’s what you’ll need:

-1 mason jar per bridesmaid
-Pretty stickers
-Stationary or blank notes
-Decorative feathers
-Pictures of you and each bridesmaid
-A value pack of Tic Tac mints
-Pearl clips (or pretty paper clips) from a craft store (we got ours from Hobby Lobby)
-Paint chips depicting your wedding colors/theme
-Fake diamond ring pack from a craft store (we got ours from Hobby Lobby)
-Lip gloss
-Nail polish
-Loose glitter from a craft store

Items Collage_1 Items Collage_2

Here’s how we did it:

STEP 1: Write the bridesmaid’s name on the mason jar using the stickers. If you stick the middle letter of the name on first and work outward, it will be easier to make it centered on the jar.


STEP 2: Put the picture of you and your bridesmaid in the jar facing outward.

IMG_2475 IMG_2483 IMG_2484

STEP 3: Write each bridesmaid a personalized note on the stationary and write “Will you be my bridesmaid (or Maid of Honor, etc.)” at the top. Stick the note in opposite side of the picture, facing the inside of the jar.

IMG_2477IMG_2485 IMG_2486

STEP 4: Stick a couple decorative feathers in the jar to make it pretty.


STEP 5: Cut the paint chips into smaller pieces and pin them together with pretty clips or paper clips. Write “wedding colors” or something of the sort so your bridesmaids know why they’re in the jar.


STEP 6: Put 1 pack of Tic Tacs, 1 lipgloss, and 1 nail polish in each jar.

STEP 7: Add some glitter to sparkle things up a little


Step 8: Tie a ribbon around the lid. If you want, you can add a fake diamond ring before you tie the bow.


AND…You’re done! See how pretty they are:



Feel free to mix it up and create your own jars unique to the colors/theme of your wedding.

Your bridesmaids will totes want to instagram these when they get them.





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